Band sign ups for rising 6th graders 2019

HI!! -- And welcome to band at CCMS! These are the exciting times for you!  You have almost finished elementary school and are about to begin the fantastic journey through MIDDLE SCHOOL!  We hope you will consider being in band at Cane Creek. We have over 200 students who study instrumental music, and we like our bands BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, this is the ONLY time you can sign up for band for the next 3 years at Cane Creek!!!!!

 Tremendous talent is NOT a requirement for membership in band… but a willingness to learn and have a blast doing so IS A MUST! Studies show that instrumental music study improves academic achievement in ALL areas of learning. Band isn’t for everyone, but I bet it’s for YOU! (That’s why you’re reading this!) We have a fantastic music program at Cane Creek…with lots, and lots of kids just like you participating.

 The instrumental music program at Cane Creek is one of the finest in Western North Carolina. If you want to learn how to read music and play an instrument that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment, this is the place to start!

To sign up for 6th grade band 2019-2020
lease click on this link! I am excited to have you in band class!

Band Sign ups 2019

If you are interested in signing up for Hurricane Band Camp 2018 please click on this link:

Hurricane Band Camp Registration 2019