Audition Techniques

Audition Techniques

What is a Monologue?
Short YouTube explanation

How to prepare a monologue

Where to find a monologue: 
Google what you are looking for online.  For example: "one minute monologues for kids"
Two sources ready for you to check out:

Wild and Wacky 60 One Minute Monologues for Kids
Drama Notebook Monologues for Kids

Acting Tools

Motivation (goal): What do I want or need?  (Need is a stronger Motivator than Want.)

Obstacle:  What is in the way of achieving your goal?

Reaction: How do I respond to the obstacle?  (Fight, Flight or Freeze)

Tactic:  What am I willing and able to do to reach my goal? OR do I change my goal?


Meisner repetition: With a partner, repeat each line over and over again listening to the way it is repeated to you.  Do not move on until you here the right tone and inflections.

Character Analysis questions: pg 133 in text.

Improv your scene:  play the scene using subtext only. 

Gibberish:  convey meaning through body language by substituting dialogue with gibberish.


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