Weekly Homework

Students have homework Monday - Thursday nights.  Homework is a review of materials studied in class.  Students should use their notes/notebooks to help in completing homework.  Homework is listed by the date assigned and is due the next day unless stated.   There is a chart that shows upcoming assignment due dates to help in student planning.

CURRENT HOMEWORK:  2/10 - 2/14/2020



due next day unless otherwise stated

 Monday, 2/10

Flashcards #140-143

Midterms signed - return to HR

 Tuesday, 2/11

EQ#2 Explain how offspring that result from sexual reproduction (meiosis) have greater variation that offspring that result from asexual reproduction (mitosis).  (6 lines)

Flashcards #144-147

 Wednesday, 2/12

EQ#3 Explain what a pedigree chart is and how it might be helpful. (5 lines)

 Thursday, 2/13

Voc Crossword Puzzle #2 (words 138-147)

Finish Genetics Test Plan - 4 detailed descriptions of how you plan to be prepared for the unit test on Friday, 2/21.

Friday, 2/14

Voc Quiz #12 (138-147) - Tuesday, 2/18
Genetics Unit Test - Friday, 2/21



2/18 Voc Quiz #12 (138 - 147)
2/19 Early Release
2/21 Genetics Unit Test
2/21 Genetics Notebook due
2/24 Begin  Motion & Forces Unit