Swim Club

Swim Club Information and Registration

swim team

All grade levels at CCMS are allowed to participate in the Swimming Club. The swimming club is sponsored by Cliff Dodson.

The club meets twice-a-week from August to mid-October jointly with Valley Springs Community. They practice each stroke, dives and turns to become fit, as well as have some fun at the same time.

You must have your own goggles and appropriate swim suit. There is also a suggested donation of $50 to help cover the costs of this program - pool equipment, t-shirts, practices, swim exhibitions, and an end of the season party. Make checks payable to CCMS.

Practices and timed swim exhibitions are held at the Zuegner Recreation Center (Skyland Recreation Center)

swim team

“Eat My Bubbles!”


The Chant

“Indiana Grapefruit

Arizona cactus

We swim your team

Just for practice

Put ‘em in the pool

Pull out the plug

There goes your team