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NC Standards for Math Practices:  NC Standards of Math Practice
All You Need To Know About Math 1 (Algebra) and Math 8:  
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Math 1 Learning Outcomes (EOC Standards):   Eighth Grade Math 1 Outcomes

Math 1 Midyear Benchmark:  Benchmark

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Special Math 1 Information:

***In accordance with Buncombe County policy for high school credit courses, students may not miss more than 10 days (excused or unexcused) of class during the school year, 5 per semester, or they will have to repeat the course.*** 

***Math 1 End-of-Course State Exam will count as 25% of students math average for the year.  Students must pass with a 70% on the Math 1 EOC to receive high school credit for the course.***

***Teachers and parents have a 10 day window to remove students from Math 1 in case of academic or attendance concerns with students before class registration is permanent and irreversible***
Announcements & Important Dates:
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***Where possible Math 1 Investigations will be linked to this website in the assignments page below***
*** Study Hall/Learning Lab this week on Thurs 3/22***
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***Math 1 Attendance & Benchmark Form past due***
This Week's Agenda & Assignments:
Mon 3/19 ---- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4):  CW: Roots & Radicals Warmup
                                                                       Go over Exact Squares #7,8 & Do CYU
                                                                       Simplifying Radicals Practice
                                                                       Pythagorean Theorem Review & Notes
                                                              HW: none
                        Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Go over Unit 4 Systems Test / Review
                                                                     Go over Lesson 2 Practice / Review
                                                                     Lesson 3.1-3.3
                                                              HW: Lesson 3 Practice Problems                                                       
Tues 3/20 --- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Simplifying Radicals Quizizz
                                                                     Go over Sequence Quiz & Radical Quizizz / Review
                                                                    Pythagorean Theorem Review 2 & Practice
                                                             HW: finish Pythagorean Theorem Practice as needed
                      Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 3 Cooldown 
                                                                   Go over Lesson 3 Practice / Review
                                                                   Lesson 4.1-4.3
                                                           HW: Lesson 4 Practice Problems
Weds 3/21--- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Simplifying Roots Warmup
                                                                     Go over HW / Review Pythagorean Theorem
                                                                     Distance & Midpoint Investigation #1-5
                        Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 4 Cooldown (Enter Ticket)
                                                                      Go over Lesson 4 Practice
                                                                     Lesson 5.1 -5.3
                                                                     Lesson 5 Cooldown (Exit Ticket)
Thurs 3/22 -- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Distance Formula Quizizz
                                                                     Go over Distance  Inv / Review
                                                                     Midpoint Investigation #6-13
                                                              HW: Distance & Midpoint CYU
                        Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Function Warmup
                                                                     Lesson 5 Practice Problems
                                                                     Function Corny Joke Sheet (Porcupine)
                                                             HW: finish Joke Sheet as needed
Fri 3/23 ------ Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Park Problem Warmup
                                                                    Go over CYU / Review
                                                                    Distance & Midpoint Quizizz
                                                                    Distance & Midpoint Corny Joke Sheets
                      Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 6.1 Warmup
                                                                   Lesson 6.2 & Modified 6.3
                                                                   Graphing Stories Practice
                                                                   Lesson 6 Cooldown
                                                            HW: Lesson 6 Practice Problems

Last Week's Agenda & Assignments:

Mon 3/12 ---- No School (Snow Day)
Tues 3/13 ---  Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Sequence Review Quizizz
                                                                      Finish Investigation #2-10 & CYU
                                                              HW: Sequences Review Packet
                        Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Unit 5 Lesson 1.1 Warmup & Discussion
                                                                     Lesson 1.2 Card Sort & Applet on Device
                                                                     Lesson 1.3 Tables & Are You Ready For More Problem
                                                             HW: finish Lesson 1.3 in notebook as needed
Weds 3/14 -- No School (Snow Day)
Thurs 3/15 -- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Go over Sequence Review
                                                                     Seqeuence Quiz
                                                                     Exact Squares Investigation #1-6
                       Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 1 Cooldown
                                                                     Lesson 1 Practice Problems
                                                                     Unit 5 Lesson 2.1 & 2.2 in notebooks
Fri 3/16 ------ Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Perfect Squares on Dot Paper Warmup
                                                                    Go over Exact Squares #1-6
                                                                    Simplifying Radicals Lesson & Examples
                                                            HW: Exact Squares Investigation #7 & 8
                      Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 2 Cooldown
                                                                   Go over/wrap up Lesson 1
                                                                   Finish Lesson 2
                                                            HW: Lesson 2 Practice Problems #1,2,4
Two Weeks Ago Agenda & Assignments: 

Mon 3/5 ---- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Go over Exponential Unit Test / Review
                                                                   Go over Penny Lab / Review
                                                                   New Seats
                                                                   Arithmetic Sequence Investigation TATS & #1-3
                                                            HW: finish #1-3 as needed
                     Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Go over HW (Lesson 14.2) / Review
                                                                   Lesson 14 Practice Problems
                                                                   Lesson 14 Exit Ticket (Quiz Grade)
                                                           HW: finish Lesson 14 Practice as needed
Tues 3/6 --- Highschool Visits
Weds 3/7 -- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Sequence Warmup
                                                                   Arithmetic Sequence Investigation #4-12
                                                           HW: Arithmetic Sequence Inv #13
                     Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Lesson 15 Warmup
                                                                   Go over Lesson 14 Exit Ticket / Review
                                                                  Lesson 15.1-15.3
                                                                  Lesson 15 Exit Ticket (Quiz Grade)
                                                           HW: none
Thurs 3/8 -- Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Arithmetic Sequence Review Quizizz
                                                                   Go over HW & Do CYU
                                                                   Geometric Sequence Investigation #1-7
                                                            HW: STM & CYU
                     Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Systems of Equations Warmup
                                                                  Go over Lesson 15 Exit Ticket / Review
                                                                  Systems of Equations Scavenger Hunt
                                                                  Lesson 15 Practice Problems #2,3a,4,5
                                                           HW: finish Practice as needed / study for test tomorrow
Fri 3/9 ------ Math 1 (Block 1 & 4): CW: Geometric Sequences Quizizz
                                                                  Go over HW / Review
                                                                  Arithmetic, Geometric, or Neither Investigation #1 a-i
                                                          HW: finish as needed
                    Math 8 (Block 2 & 3): CW: Unit  4 Equations & Systems of Equations Test

Parent Conferences:

***Parent conferences should be set up through me by calling the school at 628-0824 or emailing me at

Math Scoring Rubric:     Five Point Math Rubric

Homework Policy:

***Students are expected to at least attempt every homework assignment in order to maintain their skills and to be prepared for class.  Homework will never be graded for correctness, as it is meant to be practice, but must show some work and effort on at least most of the assigned problems to receive full credit*** 

***Parents often express concerns on how to help their children in mathematics courses that have investigations rather than the traditional texts they were "schooled" using. Although the book does not offer example problems, parents CAN help! First, ask your child to explain what the problem is about. Their communicating and/or paraphrasing the information may spark their own ideas on how to tackle a problem. If they still feel unsure, have your child answer the questions listed below. Written responses to these questions will be counted as an attempt to complete homework!:
   *What is the problem about and what are the key pieces of information that may be used to solve it? (ex. a walkathon, walking rates and one pledge plan is $3 per kilometer)
   *What information is the final answer suppose to give you? (how much money someone earns, make a graph, estimate solutions)                          
   *What strategy (or HOW) might you go about finding the solution, even if you are not certain how to go about using the strategy? Try the strategy if you can!
Downloading Graphing Calculator:       
2. RIGHT Click on: Download Virtual TI Calculator and CHOOSE: Save Target As Choose SAVE
3. SAVE to your Desktop (preferred) or your C: drive (or H: drive if at school) then CLOSE
4. Find the folder and RIGHT Click, CHOOSE: Extract All (or Extract all files)
5. Open the Vti folder
6. RIGHT Click on:  Vti icon                                                                                                                       
7. Send to: Desktop (will put a shortcut on your desktop)                                                                 
8. Go to your Desktop and OPEN Vti icon
9. CHOOSE: Run, Next, Next (if prompted)
10. You now have access to a graphing calculator!
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